Kristal logistics is specialized in international logistic services to events, both as official partner and as 3th party logistics provider. Our service include international transport, storage of goods, help at building and breaking down stands, arranging of costums services We also offer full marketing logistics support: storage, packing, copywork, orderpicking,international mailings, parcel logistics, customs,...

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Kristal has specialized in the shipment of goods to events, exhibitions and conferences worldwide. Our customers and partners are increasingly looking for unique and efficient tailor-made solutions. Supported by a wide and reliable agent network we offer our customers a complete logistics package. We guarantee a close follow-up and check of all shipments from the time of collection till delivery and vice versa.
Our offer and our experience assure both organizer and exhibitor of the co-ordinated, professional and on-time delivery of the goods. Together with our customer, we select out of our total package which particular service will be applied in order to successfully finish the job.

Preparatory visit of the site

In the light of an optimal preparation and planning we go and visit the site, in order to investigate its limitations and advantages.

Efficient information to the exhibitors

All exhibitors are well informed and clearly briefed on time, with respect to the shipment of their goods.

International and national transport

Kristal takes care of all types of transport (land, overseas, air) both national and international.

Customs clearance and securities

Kristal takes care of all necessary customs clearance and securities, both in the country of departure and arrival.


Kristal offers all-in goods insurances, both during transport and at the exhibition. We co-operate with specialized insurance companies.

Receipt and storage of goods

Kristal arranges the receipt and the temporary storage of goods in a suitable warehouse. We dispose of a 1000 square meter warehouse for the receipt and the temporary storage of goods. The same can be arranged for you abroad.

Loading and unloading of lorries

Kristal arranges the optimal receipt of the goods, the loading and unloading of the lorries afterwards. At the same time do we co-ordinate the delivery of the goods at the stand, as agreed with the customer.

Packing and unpacking

Kristal takes care of the professional packing and unpacking of goods, meeting the customer's needs.

Specialized equipment

If necessary, we provide specialized equipment such as sturdy forklift trucks, cranes and scissor lifts...

Co-ordination on site

We take care of the necessary co-ordination on site or we appoint a contact person for further follow-up or in case of emergency.


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lorries and special equipment
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